A Plastic Tube Packaging Manufacturer that Enhances Your Brand

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Victor Packaging’s PBL tubes can be made to order for your products.

Product manufacturers know that a plastic tube packaging manufacturer can either feel like a genuine partner, or just another supplier. 

If they’re an active partner, your brand can enjoy a long and lasting relationship that improves your brand’s products and streamlines its processes to make your products less expensive to produce and more appealing to consumers. 

If a partner isn’t adding value to the relationship, then they’re not a true partner. A true partner cares enough about your relationship to get to know your operations, your products, and your customers. They’ll investigate all three and find ways to enhance and improve them to increase your sales as well as your brand’s efficiency and public image. 

However, the partner isn’t doing all of this altruistically, they stand to benefit too. They become invested in and valuable to your business by getting involved and providing tips and suggestions on how to improve. They can put a considerable amount of work into performing research that supports your brand and for this they should be valued as a true partner that's consulted with often and respected for their opinion.

Improving Your Operations

Part of your manufacturing process involves supply chain logistics. This is an area of the business that your partner should be well-experienced in and able to offer improvements to your existing logistics.

Packaging manufacturers know a lot about the shipping industry and how to increase the durability of packaging and containers. They know how much they can reduce the thickness of your tubes to still provide the same level of durability to stand up against the level of handling your products will be expected to endure. 

This knowledge can reduce breakages and spillages. It can also make your products less expensive to ship to your customers. Everything comes down to weight in the shipping industry. And knowing how much weight can be stripped from your product packaging and still have it withstand daily wear and tear is the difference between an active and knowledgeable partner, and just another supplier. A regular supplier will usually just take orders and deliver what you’ve asked for, but won’t offer any new suggestions to improve your business operations. 

Improving Your Products

A valued partner also does their due diligence by delving into your product line in detail. They learn what the products are, their ingredients, their average life span, their target audience, their largest sales region and much more. The more they know about your product line, the more they can make intelligent packaging suggestions based on their considerable experience. 

This experience is particularly valuable if your brand deals with food products. Advances in plastic technology are happening all the time and multiple-layer plastic tubes are becoming more and more common in the food industry. These tubes offer a completely hygienic material that encases the food product, and a tougher and more durable material for the outer layers.

These new types of tubes help preserve the quality of the product while providing a more durable total package. The brand is able to increase the market they ship to due to the increased durability and ensure that quality is never compromised once it reaches the new market and is sampled by customers. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Consumers love to try the latest thing on the market, no matter what it is, and especially if it’s a new product that’s easily affordable. It’s one of the joys of shopping. 

This includes older products that have new and innovative packaging. For years people all over the world were pounding the bottom of ketchup bottles trying to get the condiment out and onto their food. One day, a packaging designer tried flipping the ketchup bottle design and putting the spout on the bottom to let gravity do the work. It was an instant hit, and ketchup sales soared because of it. 

This is a perfect example of the symbiotic relationship that should exist between all product manufacturers and their packaging partners. Packaging manufacturers can bring a lot of innovation and experience to the table. They offer great ideas that take an average product to the hottest product on the market. 

Partner with Victor Packaging

If you're looking for an inspirational partner to work with, contact Victor Packaging. They're an experienced packaging supplier in Thailand, leading the plastic tube packaging industry. They've been in business since 1975 and have discovered many innovations in that time that can improve your products, operations, and customer experience.

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