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Victor Packaging is an innovative manufacturer of plastic tube packaging in South East Asia serving the personal care and pharmaceutical industry. Our group is composed of six different companies employing over 450 specialists and technicians in Thailand. 

With an advanced R & D department, we’re on the leading edge of innovations in both personal care and food grade plastic tube manufacturing.

Wide Range of Products

With a wide range of both extruded and PBL tubes, and PET bottle products, we are well-positioned to supply our high-quality, unique and exacting packaging to the cosmetic and personal care industry. Our dedication to maintaining the exact specifications called for by our customers is one of the qualities shared among all the companies in the Victor Group.

As plastic tube packaging manufacturers we have perfected the production of manufacturing our PET bottles to a uniform thickness that reduces wasted material and is more environmentally friendly.

Custom Plastic Tube Packaging Manufacturer

Our focus on maintaining a high standard of quality and innovation also means that we’re capable of creating custom-designed plastic tube and PET bottles that will make your products stand out from the crowd.

Our PBL tubes are completely recyclable, use less than 5% imported products and have thin-wall shoulders and bodies that reduce the total material used in each unit. They feature a tactile finish that doesn’t impose any limit on the design or colours used thanks to the next-generation printing technology we use to create your graphics.

We are honoured to serve our valued customers with our highly-developed technologies. Our continuous improvement to forward-thinking management and technology ensures the greatest support for our customers in this highly competitive market.

At Victor, we are your Packaging Partner.

Capacity over 200 million
Full production range from
dia.13mm (3ml) to dia. 50mm (300ml)
Guaranteed quality with exacting production technologies
in our GMP/HACCP certified facilities
Strong R&D department
Competitive costs

We have over 50 years of experience and
worldwide recognition
Unprecedented advanced technology which
enables us to adapt to the dynamic demands of the market
Packaging that will sell your products

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