PET Bottle

PET Plastic Bottle Manufacturer | Victorpack

In today's competitive market it is so important that your products stand out!

We believe that every customer deserves to have bottles from a plastic PET bottle supplier and manufacturer in Thailand that are unique to their brand. And they deserve to pay an affordable cost for a quality bottle rather than selecting a bottle from the "common mould".

The in-house technology developed for this project is specifically designed for the cosmetic and personal care market rather than adapting mass production technology used in the beverage and food industry.

For the cosmetic and personal care market the requirement is exceptional, where brands are seeking to elevate their product. Therefore, quality cannot be compromised.

We understand the challenges and the expectations through decades of experience as a PET Bottle supplier in Thailand and as a supplier in the cosmetic tube business. One particular common issue found in cosmetic bottles of today is the uneven distribution of the wall thickness.

With our end-to-end control of the total process, from preform injection to stretch blowing, we have solved this issue at all six of our plastic bottle, water bottle, and food grade PET bottle supplier and manufacturing facilities in Thailand. This allows our bottles to be lighter and more environmentally-friendly without compromising their form and function.

Through our unique "small scalable cavitation" technology we can help bring your exclusive bottle design out into the market quickly at an affordable cost, and create bottles that will stand out from the crowd.

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