PBL Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturers Offer Many Options

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Manufacturers of PBL cosmetic tubes are creative and bold.

The cosmetics industry worldwide is worth billions. Browse the shelves of your local pharmacy or drugstore, and you'll be sure to see a new cosmetics product nearly every day. All this competition has put a lot of pressure on the manufacturers of cosmetic PBL tubes. These are the ubiquitous, colourful tubes in which around 95% of the industry's products are packaged. 

These tubes became the number one type of packaging in the industry for three simple reasons. They’re inexpensive, they’re quick to manufacture, and they’re durable. 

The PBL tube has been the favourite packaging of the cosmetics industry for years. And the plastic tube packaging industry has grown up and increased the capabilities of its products to match the increasing demands of the cosmetics industry.  

What started as just a simple, white tube that had to have adhesive-backed paper labels pasted on it to identify the product within has grown up. Today's tubes are part of an impressively complex and visually-appealing range of multi-coloured and textured, branded products that are bold, daring and artistic in the image they present for the brand behind the product. 

They are often referred to in the cosmetics industry as the ‘miracle packaging’, and yet this doesn’t have anything to do with the infinite designs and styles they offer. This refers to the characteristics that got the attention of product manufacturers way back when they first appeared on the market. 

Durability Wins Customers

Consumers soon fell in love with this new type of funny-looking packaging when it first appeared on store shelves. They remarked on its shape and wondered about the purpose of the flattened end. But as they started bringing these products home, they realised that the tubes were practically indestructible and could be casually tossed into a bag without worrying about spilling anything all over the bag’s other contents. These tubes didn't leak, they didn't pop open, and they didn't puncture easily. 

People who had once bought the brand’s products in cans or fragile bottles were astounded at the ruggedness and flexibility of these new PBL tubes. And the consumers weren’t the only ones.

Product manufacturers were quickly becoming PBL tube converts as well. The durability of the tubes meant vast savings for manufacturers. No longer did manufacturers have to absorb losses for a product that was damaged in shipment and spilled all over other products, ruining the entire lot. With PBL tubes, breakage and spillage became rare. Many manufacturers switched over entire product lines to PBL tubes, and they soon were responsible for the vast majority of the cosmetic packaging on store shelves. 

Packaging Industry Branches Out

The one nagging issue product manufacturers had with PBL tubes was that the technology wasn't advanced enough to offer many visual options. And packaging manufacturers were hard at work solving the problem because they knew that their customers placed a high value on brand visibility and repeat sales. 

The products that manufacturers created needed to stand out on the shelf so their customers could see them. When colour printing was first announced to product manufacturers, the world’s cosmetic shops were suddenly the most colourful place on earth. Brands outdid each other in designing the most eye-catching PBL tubes to package their products in style. 

Today, the plastic packaging industry continues to announce new advances in the products it offers to the cosmetics industry. The new PBL tubes that were once available in only one colour are now available in several tactile finishes. They use the next generation of high-definition printing technology to make any logo or product design easily noticed.

But providing the best features to get your products noticed is not the only place where these modern PBL tubes can make a difference. Packaging manufacturers are also aware that plastic waste has become a problem in the environment. They're taking positive steps to reduce the amount of plastic and encourage people to recycle their plastic products.   

Better for the Earth

Plastic tube manufacturers are developing tubes that are better for the environment. The PBL tube products feature 20-30% less plastic than they did when the packaging first came on the market. They offer minimum pigment concentration, and their direct printing method uses solvent-free inks and varnishes. They are also fully recyclable with thinner walls, bodies and shoulders. 

The plastic packaging manufacturers are also reducing their carbon footprint and developing new bioplastics that will someday eliminate the need for conventional plastics.  

Victor Packaging Leads the Advancements in PBL Tubes

If you're about to enter the highly competitive world of cosmetics, you need as much support as you can get for your products. Contact Victor Packaging today and see what they can offer your brand in the latest PBL tube packaging to make your products stand out from the crowd.

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