Why a PET Bottle Manufacturer in Thailand is So Popular

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Learn why a PET Bottle manufacturer in Thailand is so popular.

There are many plastic tubes and PET bottles manufacturers all over the world. But a particular one based in Thailand has proven itself to be a customer favourite for four significant reasons. 

We'll take a closer look at the four reasons why customers have remained loyal to Victor Packaging over the years. This isn't likely to change as the Victor Group continues to improve its products, customer services, and operations.

Victor Packaging was founded in 1975 and soon became a major manufacturer of plastic tube packaging and PET bottles in Southeast Asia. And then, word began to spread about this new manufacturer in Thailand. As more and more businesses in the personal care, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries heard about Victor Packaging and its products and services, the business in Thailand began to receive more and more orders from Australia, Japan, the European Union, the USA, the UK and elsewhere. 

When their loyal customers were polled about the reasons for choosing Victor Packaging over the many suppliers that were closer to their location, four main reasons emerged to account for the overwhelming popularity of the Thai company. They are:

• Expertise in the field of plastic tube and PET bottle manufacturing
• Quality products and the ability to customise designs  
• Low minimum order quantity (MOQ) (5,000 pieces)
• Innovation technology (Ensuring their operations were sustainable and showing global concern)

Each of these reasons would be enough to guarantee a steady stream of satisfied customers. But for a single manufacturer to offer four completely different admirable reasons is extraordinary and deserving of the fame and success of the company. Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Expertise in Plastic Tube and PET Bottle Manufacturing

Since it opened its doors more than forty-five years ago, Victor Packaging has been continuously improving its products and operational techniques. They constantly keep track of the innovations within the industry and work on their own advances and developments. 

As the personal care, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries became more sophisticated, and the competition between the different brands became more intense, the packaging manufacturers had to increase the quality and innovations of the products they offered. It wasn't enough to offer durability and a quick turnaround in an age where products were valued for their purity and hygiene. 

Victor Packaging rose to the challenge and developed a 5-layer EVOH barrier tube that ensured any product packaged within the tube stayed pure and uncontaminated. In 2019, noting the overwhelming popularity of the new 5-layer tube, the company expanded on its idea. It launched a new product line of plastic barrier tubes (PBL) that used its own proprietary manufacturing process. These tubes consumed a fraction of the manufacturing power that old-style tubes did, and they were a superior product.   

Quality Customizable Products

Since the beginning of plastic packaging as the preferred packaging, product manufacturers have always been attracted to the 'next big thing' to set their products apart from the competition. When the high-quality of plastic tubes and PET bottles was achieved, manufacturers of these products pivoted and concentrated on improving the visual appeal and marketability of their products. 

Victor Packaging focused on working in partnership with its customers to produce eye-catching modern designs that set their customer's products apart on the increasingly crowded shelves of the world's pharmacies and stores. 

These designs included better caps that were designed to make it easier to dispense the contents of the tube. They also included new printing techniques that delivered bolder and more vivid graphics and colours. Even the plastic of the tubes was able to be reproduced in several textural finishes to add a certain visual and tactile appeal to the products. 

The age of customization had arrived in the retail plastic packaging world, and Victor Packaging was leading the pack in exploring the possibilities.  

Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Victor Packaging also was one of the first manufacturers to significantly cut their order requirements down to a bare minimum. High order minimums kept a lot of young and innovative product manufacturers on the sidelines. They didn't have the sales volume to justify taking a big risk ordering a massive quantity of packaging. 

The Victor Group looked beyond that bump in the road and saw them simply as valuable potential customers they needed to work with to help ensure their success. 

With the manufacturing proficiency that Victor Packaging had achieved, dropping their minimum orders wouldn't cause much of a problem to their operations. They were able to turn around an order much faster than some of the other plastics packaging suppliers. And dropping their minimum order to 5,000 pieces gave smaller product manufacturers a much-appreciated opportunity to enter the marketplace.

Innovation Technology to Help the Planet

One of the final reasons customers are so impressed with Victor Packaging as a partner is that they applaud their dedication to improving the environment. 

The company started reducing its carbon footprint in 2019. It began replacing its existing machines and equipment with new hybrid technology equipment. To date, its replaced about 30% of its equipment. The project will last until 2023, when it will have replaced most of its equipment with technologically superior machines that will allow the company to operate about 70% more power-efficiently. 

With this major upgrade of their operations, the ongoing advancements of their existing products to make them more recyclable, and their research into the development of bio-plastics, the popularity of Victor Packaging is easy to understand.    

Learn more about the many facets of Victor Packaging and how they can help your brand succeed in today’s marketplace.

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