An Innovative PET Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

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Victorpack is an innovative PET plastic bottle manufacturer.

An Innovative PET Plastic Bottle Manufacturer

When searching for a packaging manufacturer, producers are basically looking for a company that creates good quality products, when they want them, at competitive prices. But there are many qualified PET plastic bottle manufacturers around the world today. So, how can you tell which can offer you quality, consistent delivery and low prices?

A good indicator is the length of time a packaging manufacturer has been in business. If they’ve been able to maintain a steadily growing client list, that points to their reliability and the quality of the items they produce.

The fact that they’ve been able to continue expanding their business is indicative of a brand that is committed to the industry and will be around as a stable partner for many years to come.


Innovation as a Valuable Commodity

Partnering with companies that are known innovators in their industry can also add more than positive figures to your brand’s bottom line. By partnering with known innovators, your brand could be one of the first companies to roll out a new type of packaging or benefit from a new energy, material or recycling process. These innovations you adopt early on may be destined to become the industry standard or be seen as particularly beneficial to the planet.

This is why every brand should expand its partner criteria to include innovation and an ongoing devotion to improving products and processes.


Follow the Leaders

The world is at a point where climate change is beginning to make its presence felt. Even die-hard naysayers are starting to question their long-held beliefs as the polar caps melt dramatically. 

Brands are breaking with the established corporate mentality and exploring new options for how they conduct their business and the policies they adopt. As such, both the brands and their partners these days are given a larger amount of respect from both the general public and their own industry. The world is showing appreciation for their ‘corporate bravery’. But it may not be so much bravery as simply smart business intuition and a genuine desire to improve their processes. 

Innovators are leaders, not followers. The more a company invests in research and design, the more they’re dissatisfied with the accepted standards in the industry and want to improve those standards. These are the companies everyone should watch. 

By partnering with innovative packaging companies, brands express their support for the direction these companies are leading the industry. And that support can, in turn, benefit their brand too.


Innovator in Packaging Design and Production

One of these industry innovators is a plastic packaging manufacturer in Thailand named Victor Packaging. The Victor Group is a pioneering company producing plastic packaging in Southeast Asia. It has been in business since 1975 and has satisfied customers all over the world. 

In their 47 years in business, they have made it their policy to continue improving the processes, products, and materials used in their industry. They are now one of the premier packaging manufacturers in Southeast Asia.  

When they tackle an issue, they devote considerable resources to examine it completely and improve it wherever they can. Through research they have made significant changes to their production methods over the past few years in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. And they’ve had dramatic success.

Victor Packaging has six factories in Thailand. Each of them is undergoing a complete replacement of their production equipment. By replacing this outdated equipment, they’ll reduce their energy consumption, on average, by 70%. The project will not be finished until 2023. Still, the industry has taken notice, people are talking, and other packaging companies are feeling pressure to join these innovators and improve their capabilities and reduce their carbon footprint too.

These changes also appeal to customers of the packaging industry, which adds to the industry's pressure to improve standards. These customers want to be seen supporting an innovator instead of a follower. They could even use the innovations of their partner to improve their own image by pointing out their support of this new direction. 

Victor Packaging is devoted to producing plastic tubes and PET bottles in an ecologically sustainable way. They’re also encouraging others in the industry to do the same. But this current project is just the tip of the iceberg in their drive to improve the practices and processes of their industry. 

To learn more about the innovations at Victor Packaging and explore their range of PET bottles, extruded tubes and PBL tubes, get in touch today.



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