Partner with a Plastic Laminated Tubes Manufacturer in Thailand

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Team up with a plastic laminated tubes manufacturer in Thailand

Choose a high-quality plastic laminated tubes manufacturer in Thailand to be your trusted partner in the cosmetics industry. It will help protect both your product's sales and your brand’s reputation. 

Every cosmetic, gel and liquid manufacturer cares about the strength of the packaging used for their products. A product that develops a reputation for splitting or bursting when it’s in the hands of a consumer will not be selling for very long.

But even long before a product reaches the shelves of a retailer, it has to be able to stand up to repeated handling, shipping, and temperature changes, and remain intact and looking marketable. 

The back rooms of the world’s retailers are filled with scratched, dented or discoloured products that didn't sell and are destined to be returned to the manufacturer even though the products within them may be perfectly usable. Appearance matters when it comes to marketing consumer goods, and retailers are quick to pull any products with packaging flaws that make them unlikely to be purchased. 

Strong Selling Products Need Superior Packaging

If a brand has a runaway hit product, the packaging also needs to be strong to deal with the increased handling popularity inevitably brings. The packages may be stripped off shelves and larger displays put up in high-traffic areas of the store where people can reach them more easily. Cases of a hot-selling product may be handed out to merchandisers who, in turn, hand out free product samples. The products may have to endure added shipping and rough handling as they're transferred between stores to help deal with shortages. 

A spotlight of notoriety can quickly develop if the product is contained in anything less than high-quality packaging. And with the power of social media, any rumours of an issue with a popular product can be disastrous for both the product's sales and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Many manufacturers have learned the hard way that it's never a good idea to scrimp on the packaging of a new product. If the product is untested in the marketplace, there is no indication of how great the demand will be. It’s much better to think positive, trust the product will do well, and invest in quality packaging than risk damaging your brand’s reputation in a highly competitive marketplace. 

So, how does a new brand choose a packaging supplier? 

Learn the Experience Levels of Potential Suppliers

Every smart brand manager launching a new product will research the suppliers used by their competitors. They'll make note of suppliers whose names come up the most and concentrate on learning more about them. In this way, they'll keep narrowing down the field until they arrive at a list of potential suppliers. 

These suppliers will generally have the most experience in the industry, multiple innovations that they were responsible for developing, and a demonstrated interest in the packaging industry that goes beyond just supplying their customers. 

Choose a Partner Concerned About Packaging’s Reputation

There is a lot of concern in the world about the use of disposable plastics and how they are affecting the natural environment. The plastic packaging industry as a whole is a target for much of the criticism resulting from this concern. 

Plastic tube packaging can be almost 100% recycled. But a lot of these recyclable materials are just thrown into landfills or oceans. This means that the reputation of your brand can be damaged because of the public's reluctance to recycle. 

But it also means that suppliers who care about the earth and their partner’s reputations are actively pursuing ways to lessen the environmental impact of the plastic packaging industry. And you want to partner with suppliers who demonstrate this level of commitment.

Victor Packaging is one of these vastly experienced, industry-leading plastic tube suppliers that care about the earth. They recently redesigned their operations in their six factories in Thailand to drastically reduce the company’s carbon footprint. 

They are also active in introducing the use of post-consumer resins (PCPs) into their products. By reducing their carbon footprint, reusing resins, and encouraging recycling, they’re demonstrating a commitment to solving a very real and global problem. 

Please get in touch with Victor Packaging today to learn more about what they can offer as a proud partner for your brand.

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