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A large plastic tube packaging manufacturer can easily fulfill your orders.

Launching a new product is usually an exciting time for a company. Everybody holds their breath waiting to see how the product will perform in the marketplace. 

The introduction phase of a new product is also generally the most frustrating time for management. They've already committed a significant amount of money to the production, and they want to see great results right from the start. However, the reality of most product launches is that new products take a bit of time to find their audience. 

Products that are instant hits in the market are rare. Unbeknownst to most of upper management, this usually suits the production managers just fine. Having said that, production managers that partner with Victor Packaging, a plastic tube packaging manufacturer in Thailand, sleep a little easier than most when a new product is launched. Read on to find out why. 

Popular New Products Can Cause Logistical Headaches

 The reason for the sleepless nights is that those runaway hit products are rarely planned. A product that’s an instant smash hit can cause supply problems once the initial production run is depleted. Customers are lining up to get their hands on the hot new product, and distributors are clamouring for stock. But the manufacturer is now in a race to refill the pipeline, which causes endless logistical headaches for the production manager. 

It's an inevitable and unfortunate situation, but it's part of the business. No CEO in their right mind is going to sign off on producing a large amount of untested product. It ties up too much of a company’s capital, putting the company and its employees at risk. 

Every manager in a company, from the CEO to the production manager, tries to prevent this scenario from ever happening. They run market tests and gear up their production operations to meet the expected demand. 

But the logistical problems don't just lie within the walls of the manufacturer. Their suppliers also need to be able to meet demand. 

Choose a Packaging Partner That Can Handle Your Volume

An unexpected hit product doesn’t bother companies that partner with Victor Packaging for their plastic tube packaging. The reason for this is that Victor Packaging has six large plants in Thailand which all produce extruded tubes, PBL tubes and PET bottles.

Victor Packaging has customers across the world who’ve chosen them for their proven ability to deliver flawless packaging in the designs and colours they specify. 

Having a large operation naturally attracts customers with strict deadlines to meet. The ability to turn out a large number of diverse products on a daily basis also appeals to customers that pride themselves on eye-catching and innovative graphic designs and bold colours. 

They also appreciate the fact that Victor Group is continuously updating and improving its manufacturing processes. The improved packaging designs they offer benefit the customer. For instance, improvements in the strength of plastic tube packaging made by introducing multi-chambered walls reduces spillage and leakage for all customers. 

When Victor Packaging reduced the thickness of their plastic tube products, their customers could immediately save on expensive shipping costs, too. Large retailers who further distributed products to different stores also benefited from the improvements in the weight and the subsequent reduction in shipping costs.

Bigger is Better with Plastic Tube Packaging Manufacturers

Because Victor Group is dedicated to improving its processes and products, it’s been able to grow rapidly and still maintain attention to detail for each customer.

And they continue to seek out new production methods and product improvements. One of their long-term goals is to reduce their carbon footprint, a responsibility they take very seriously. Their PBL tubes have been engineered to use 20-25% less plastic compared to the standard tubes on the market. These tubes are helping their customers meet their environmental targets too. 

Another area they’re currently improving is the use of post-consumer resins (PCR) in their plastic tube packaging. PCR is simply recycled plastic, but to meet the packaging standards required by the food industry, the recycled material has to be of the highest quality. Victor Group has found a plastic source that meets this criteria and they have begun manufacturing packaging that is fully certified by the Global Recycled Standard. Their containers are also in compliance with the EU, US FDA, and the Japanese JHOSPA for food contact applications. 

If you’re working with a product manufacturer that uses plastic tube packaging, and you’re having problems meeting deadlines because of supply chain issues, why not switch to Victor Packaging? Enjoy their greater capabilities and their commitment to continuous improvement. You’ll also be helping to reduce your company’s carbon footprint as well as doing something positive for the planet.

Contact Victor Packaging today to place an order and enjoy quick delivery worldwide from one of the largest suppliers in Southeast Asia.

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