Always Choose High-quality PBL Food Packaging Tubes

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The quality of PBL food packaging tubes matters to brand names.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a problem in most areas of the world, consumers have a heightened awareness of health and safety when it comes to the products they buy. This is why it's important to always choose a high-quality PBL food packaging tubes supplier. 

Consumers generally trust the products they see packaged in plastic containers, but with the 24-hour news cycle and the reach of social media, a single story of an accident or mishap could destroy that trust for months or even years to come. 

One story could cause consumers to question the quality of plastic packaging as a whole and cause considerable damage to the reputation of the manufacturer. It could force a manufacturer to spend a significant amount of money, time, and resources finding a suitable alternative to the problem packaging.

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to save on production costs. But this can easily backfire where food products are concerned. Food products always demand the safest packaging available, and you should only partner with a packaging supplier that shares this ideal. Partnering with suppliers that are only focused on savings is asking for financial damage, as well as possible irreparable damage to your brand's name and reputation.


Choose Forward-thinking Suppliers that Invest in Technology

 The necessary focus on safety means that you should take your time choosing a food packaging supplier. Find out what sort of reputation they have in the industry, their record for meeting deadlines, print quality, and their pricing. But beyond these regular business requirements, look at how seriously they take their responsibility for keeping the public safe.  

Victor Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of PBL plastic tubes for food products in Southeast Asia. They take their responsibility for public safety very seriously. They are continuously researching new materials and methods for improving the production and safety of plastic packaging that comes into contact with the food-grade products we use daily.  

Their responsibility extends to caring for the earth, and their ultimate goal is to develop products that are safe for food-grade products and environmentally friendly. 

Their research is often involved with EVOH resins. EVOH stands for Ethylene-vinyl Alcohol Copolymer. It’s often used in food-grade packaging as it is excellent at preventing air or gases from reaching the food it holds which can cause it to spoil or become contaminated. 

Please keep in mind that food-grade packaging isn't just for the packaging of food products. It's also used for face cream, shampoo, sunscreen, and any product that comes into contact with the human body and has to remain hygienic. Manufacturers in the health and cosmetic industries may actually be the largest users of food-grade packaging. 

In 2019, Victor Group developed a proprietary process for creating a plastic barrier tube (PBL). This process created a 5-layer EVOH barrier tube, making it more secure and puncture-resistant which is ideal for products that need shipping. 


Creating Better Products

As successful as the 5-layer barrier tube was for manufacturers, it was also successful with regards to the environment. By using a higher grade of EVOH than normal, Victor Group was able to decrease the thickness of each layer, but still maintain the same barrier properties against air and gases. 

This reduction meant that the new tube used 20-25% less plastic than the typical extruded tube. And by keeping foreign material at less than 5% of the mixture of the PBL plastic, the resulting tube could still be recycled like a typical HDPE tube.  

These improvements helped Victor Group’s customers safeguard their products while also meeting their environmental goals.  

Victor Group is also increasing their use of recycled resins in their food-grade packaging. They've found a quality source that allows them to meet international standards of food safety. Their six facilities in Thailand are fully certified by the Global Recycled Standard, and the resins they create are in compliance with the EU, the US FDA and the Japanese JHOSPA for food contact applications. 


Team Up with a Reputable and Trusted Food Packaging Supplier

Teaming up with a quality food packaging supplier should be your number one priority as a manufacturer. It can save your company's reputation as well as its finances if a catastrophic accident were to occur. It can also help to foster greater trust in your brand name and products and help you grow your customer base.

Contact Victor Group to find out more about partnering with a manufacturer dedicated to continuously improving their products for the benefit of all involved.

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