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Here in Thailand, we can manufacture beautiful, high quality plastic tubes for pharmaceuticals.ckaging in Thailand makes for more attractive packaging.

Thailand’s new economic growth plan, Thailand 4.0, emphasises growth in the manufacturing and technology sectors. This policy is aimed at driving the economy forward into one that is technologically advanced and continually evolving towards sustainable growth.

Victor Group has been actively engaged in applying these principles to their own business model and approach to manufacturing. As a pharmaceutical tube manufacturer in Thailand with over fifty years of experience, they still strive to continually improve their processes to remain on the cutting edge of plastic tube manufacturing.

This article will highlight the production techniques that Victorpack uses to ensure the highest quality products for their customers.

Attention to Cleanliness

One of the top priorities for any pharmaceutical tube manufacturer in Thailand is to maintain high levels of sanitation during production processes. Victor Group pays special attention to cleanroom production to ensure that their plastic tubes meet all necessary sanitation requirements for pharmaceutical, personal care, and food packaging.

Sustainable Products

There is a great deal of potential for manufacturing plastic tubes in a sustainable fashion and Victor Group has been making great strides to ensure that they take full advantage of the technologies available to create products that are environmentally friendly. 

Victor Group’s PBL tube products contain up to 40% recycled materials and feature an advanced design that uses less material while still maintaining exceptional quality and stability. Furthermore, the web-making process involves highly advanced “one-shot” co-extrusion technology, meaning that production consumes only a fraction of the power and water that other more traditional manufacturing methods require.

Victor Group pays special attention to maintaining an environmentally conscious business, making it one of the most sustainable pharmaceutical tube manufacturers in Thailand.

Advanced Printing Capabilities

Another benefit to Victor Group’s plastic tubes is their advanced printing capabilities. One of the benefits of plastic tubes is that there is no need for additional stickers or outer packaging to advertise your product and communicate instruction information. 

With the use of next generation high definition printing technology Victor Group is able to print high-quality images directly on tubes, making them both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. As one of Thailand’s plastic tube manufacturers with top-quality printing capabilities, Victor Group is able to provide great looking packaging for any kind of product.

High Quality Through Innovation

Through continual innovation and incorporation of the best state-of-the-art technologies into their production processes, Victor Group has remained one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical tubes in Thailand and throughout Asia. 

Get in touch with Victor Group today to join a group of leading brands taking advantage of their  high-quality products and excellent customer support. Our focus on high quality standards and forward-thinking approach to production allows us to provide custom designs that will meet all your packaging needs.

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