Why Plastic Tubes Are So Important For The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Plastic tubes are often used for the pharmaceutical industry.

There is a wide variety of packaging that can be used for pharmaceutical products, and the most popular ones have evolved drastically over time. Out of all the approaches that have been taken to pharmaceutical packaging throughout time, plastic tubes have emerged as an extremely beneficial and desirable option for a wide range of products. This article shows you how pharmaceutical packaging has changed over time and the benefits of plastic tubes, which make them so important for the pharmaceutical industry.

A Brief History of Pharmaceutical Industry Packaging

Most forms of packaging outside of plastic have been in use since ancient times. The very first forms of packaging were cloth sacks or wooden bowls and boxes. Following this, paper wrappings emerged as a useful form of flexible packaging, though this still allowed water to get through, potentially ruining the contents.

Packaging forms changed dramatically with the use of metal and glass containers. These materials could protect contents better and ensure some level of product integrity. Packaging was truly revolutionised more recently, however, with the development of plastic in the middle of the 19th century. 

As a material that is both flexible and able to maintain product integrity, plastic became a staple for all kinds of products very quickly. More recent developments in the safety and recyclability of plastic manufacturing mean that packaging options like plastic tubes have remained essential for the pharmaceutical industry.


The Benefits of Plastic Tubes for the Pharmaceutical Industry

There are many great features of plastic tubes that make them an excellent pharmaceutical packaging option for both manufacturers and consumers.

Benefits for Manufacturers

One of the top reasons manufacturers prefer plastic tubes is that they’re suitable packaging for a wide range of products. In addition to certain ointment-form pharmaceutical products, they can be used to safely store cosmetic products like toothpaste or sunscreen, household products such as adhesives or fillers, and a wide variety of food products. This range of applications makes them very versatile for many industries.

Another benefit of plastic tubes for the pharmaceutical industry is that they are easy and cost-effective to manufacture. The design of plastic tubes is simple, without any complex additional closures or components. In addition, advertising and product instruction information can be printed directly onto the tube, eliminating the need for any additional box containers or stickers on the outside of the packaging.

Benefits for Consumers

In addition to the benefits that they provide the pharmaceutical industry, plastic tubes offer many benefits to consumers. Firstly, plastic tubes are easy to use and very easy to store and transport. 

Furthermore, the built-in product labelling not only helps companies to provide clear, beautiful advertising for their product but also ensures that consumers will never have to worry about losing product instructions.

Plastic tubes also maintain much better product integrity than a can, bottle, or box. There is no need to insert fingers or a utensil to get the final scoops of product out of a tube, preventing contamination and allowing for easy, no-mess product usage. 

The Importance of Plastic Tubes for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Plastic tubes have become an essential packaging method for the pharmaceutical industry. The plastic material is recyclable and can be molded into many different shapes easily. Furthermore, the tube shape protects product integrity and provides a simple, easy-to-use dispensing method.

Plastic tubes will continue to be a desirable and effective packaging method long into the future. If you are interested in plastic tube packaging solutions for your product, you can find more information at the Victorpack website.

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