Offering Recyclable PBL Plastic Tube Packaging to the World

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PBL plastic tube packaging has been recyclable for more than 30 years.

The public is beginning to realise that plastics are a major contributor to the growing pollution of the world’s oceans. But before we draw a line in the sand condemning all plastics, we should take a closer look at the different types of plastic and the plastic tube packaging that is often seen in images of polluted oceans.  

The truth is that standard 3-layer plastic tubes have been constructed from recyclable plastic for more than thirty years now. However, government hygiene restrictions in a large number of countries around the world need to be relaxed and updated to allow for the use of more recyclable plastics. 

Education and Awareness

For many developing countries around the world, recycling is still an activity undertaken by the poor, out of necessity. It's looked down upon by the wealthy and middle-class of these nations because of a lack of education and awareness. What's needed is a programme of education into the benefits of recycling. 

Too many recyclable plastic packaging containers are still ending up in landfills and washing up on shores. The public needs to be aware that with an update to certain laws and regulations that govern the percentage of recycled materials allowed to be made into new plastic packaging, and with more cooperation from the public, they’d see a dramatic fall in the level of plastics going to waste and being disposed of irresponsibly. 

Plastic Tube Packaging Manufacturers Are Doing Their Part

Thanks to the efforts of Victor Packaging in Thailand, PBL plastic tubes are one of the success stories of the industry with regards to their recyclability and versatility. Besides producing PBL tubes out of 100% recyclable material for decades now, an upgrade to the design of these tubes means they're now using 20-25% less plastic than a standard extruded tube.

Victor Packaging is also incorporating the use of post-consumer resins (PCR) into the plastic materials they use to manufacture PBL tubes. They started researching and meeting with suppliers back in 2018, and the testing of this material began last year. The recycled materials used are mainly from milk containers manufactured by a large and reputable company. Facilities are certified by Global Recycle Standard, and the material they produce is in compliance with the EU, Japan JHOSPA, and US FDA standards for food contact application. Victor Packaging has also changed the design of their PBL tube structure to 7 layers so that they can use recycled material in the non-contact layers.

Victor Packaging is working to increase the use of recycled plastics and reduce their carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. This progressive Thai company offers their customers an enhanced eco-friendly image, along with better quality products. Get in touch with Victor Packaging to find out more about the innovative recyclable packaging they offer. 

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