Choose a Plastic Tube Packaging Manufacturer in Thailand

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Choose Victor Packaging, a plastic tube packaging manufacturer in Thailand.

Plastic tube packaging manufacturers in Thailand help keep costs down for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies selling products and beverages sold in HDPE bottles. For Southeast Asian regional manufacturers of these products, choosing a packaging manufacturer in Thailand can add a lot of value over importing your packaging from elsewhere in the world. 

The packaging industry measures its success on the strength and weight of its products. Their goal is to create packaging that’s efficient for the consumer to use and that has the strength to withstand repeated household use. 

Optimising the strength and weight reduces unit costs, and reducing the weight also saves on shipping costs. As you can see, packaging strength and weight can make a significant difference when it comes to the affordability and eventual popularity of a product.  


Leading the Way in Plastic Tube Packaging Manufacturing in Thailand

One of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging is located in Thailand. Victor Packaging has been in business for more than thirty years, and from their six vast plants in Thailand, they make extruded and PBL tube packaging, as well as PET bottles. 

They have become one of the region's biggest plastic tube manufacturers by recognising the importance of continuously tuning their production methods. This dedication to quality packaging provides customers with consistently high-strength, reduced-weight and cost-efficient packaging.

Innovations and Improvements

By being dedicated to the ongoing research and design process, Victor Packaging has continued to come up with innovations and improvements that help their customers grow. 

One of these innovations is the adoption of label-less printing. Plastic tube products of the past had a separate label that was printed on and then glued onto the tube. This was because the plastic used was not suitable for the inks used in printing. 

This not only increased the weight of a tube by a gram or two, but the separate printing process increased the unit cost of the packaging. By reformulating the plastic used to create the tubes, Victor Packaging was able to make tubes that could be directly printed onto. 

Another innovation was to introduce new production methods for PBL tubes which reduced the plant's carbon footprint. These new production methods use a fraction of the water and power compared to the older production methods, and help reduce costs at the same time. 

These are just two of many benefits that Victor Packaging can offer. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Victor Packaging customer, contact a representative at their headquarters in Bangkok.    

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