Discover the Benefits of a PET Bottle Supplier in Thailand

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There are many PET Bottle suppliers in Thailand and around the Southeast Asian region, but how do you decide which is the best one? You can't just look at the finished products as PET bottles are often very similar to each other. Instead you can get an idea of what the manufacturer stands for by researching the quality of the bottles themselves as well as the processes used to create them.  

Purely from a business point of view, you want to work with a supplier who can offer the most flexibility and speedy turnaround times on orders. Flexibility means being able to change an order halfway through its manufacturing. A quick turnaround means working with a supplier who can act fast and ensure you’re never out of stock and having to disappoint customers. 

But many facets combine to provide this flexibility and rapid response, and they serve to add to a Thailand PET bottle supplier’s reputation and ability to do the job correctly.  

2-Stage Injection Moulding Process

You want to partner with a PET bottle supplier in Thailand that uses a 2-stage injection moulding process, as this process plays a large part in their ability to be flexible and provide quick turnaround times. It enables them to accomplish changeovers quickly and also increases a supplier’s daily output significantly when compared to the 1-stage process. 

It's essential to have this changeover ability if your company uses a variety of bottle shapes and styles. 

Quality Management

Of course, you also want to work with a Thailand PET bottle supplier that can guarantee high levels of quality. A supplier that carefully monitors the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of their final product is one who cares about their reputation, and that of their customers.  

The length of time in the industry is another sign of a reputation for quality. Manufacturers who've reinvested their profits in new techniques and expanded facilities often become long-term trusted partners. 

Social Responsibility

These days, plastics are on the mind of every environmentally conscious person in the world. As oceans, beaches and wildlife are dealing with the damage caused by the poor disposal of plastics by individual countries, PET bottle suppliers in Thailand see the impact first-hand on their once pristine and beautiful beaches. 

Companies like Victor Group are improving their processes to make the products they produce last longer and change consumers’ thinking around them being disposable items. They're also introducing rPET resin as a reusable material for the future of the industry. Instead of using new PET resin, they're connecting with the recycling industry and reusing materials that might have ended up on our beaches and in our oceans. 

If your company is a consumer of PET bottles, contact Victor Group today to find out more about how they’ve grown their reputation to ship all over the world from their six modern facilities in Thailand.       

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