A High-quality PET Bottle Manufacturer in Thailand

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Manufacturers of everyday products have a responsibility beyond serving their customers. Particularly when those products are made of plastic, they have an obligation to the natural world as well as the consumers of their products. Victor Group is a PET Bottle manufacturer in Thailand that takes its manufacturing responsibility seriously. 

With the plastic pollution of the world's oceans continuing to grow in scale, and as a quality PET bottle manufacturer in Thailand, Victor Group is taking significant steps to lessen the impact of plastic bottles on the environment. 

Preserving the Beauty of the Country

Everyone has seen the impact of the indiscriminate disposal of plastic bags, bottles and other packaging on the beaches of Thailand. It harms the wildlife and marine life of the country and lessens the beauty of the entire region. Plastic also breaks down into microscopic pieces that threaten the entire fishing industry by being ingested by fish and other sea creatures. 

As one of the leading PET bottle manufacturers in Thailand, Victor Group is on a mission to lessen the reliance on disposable PET bottles by increasing the quality and usability of its bottles, and reusing PET resin in the manufacturing process. 

This two-pronged approach is something they hope other PET Bottle manufacturers in Thailand and the surrounding regions will also follow.

Improving Quality Cuts Down on Waste

Victor Group is working to reinforce the idea that higher-quality bottles should be seen as reusable items that shouldn't be discarded after one use. They've introduced a process into their manufacturing that uses polarised light to check the integrity and quality of the preform moulds before they're blown into their final form as bottles. 

Ensuring you're working with a high-quality product throughout the manufacturing process means that the final product lasts a lot longer than flawed or thin-walled bottles. This is an extra step in the process, but Victor Group feels it's a vital one to get consumers in the habit of reusing their plastic bottles, something which will only happen if they’re of good enough quality to do so. 

Reusing Materials

As a leading PET bottle manufacturer in Thailand, Victor Group is also excited to explore the use of recycled material in their products.

They plan to start using rPET resin which is recycled PET resin that has been repurposed from old bottles and plastic packaging. It’s another way that the team at Victor Group hope to lessen the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans. 

The team is continuously exploring other methods to improve their processes and products. Every improvement they can make that decreases the energy used helps reduce their carbon footprint as well. Be a part of the change for the future. Find out how Victor Group can provide you with high-quality products that are also environmentally friendly. Contact Victor Group for more information.  

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