How Does a Manufacturer Create PET Bottles?

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Any company that uses PET bottles to package their products knows that the 1 and 2-stage methods of manufacturing PET bottles offer different benefits. The main advantage of the 1-stage blowing process is that it's less expensive than the 2-stage process. 

But, as the pace of business has increased over the years, and PET bottles have become more widely used in the food, cosmetic, and personal care industries, we’ve come to the realisation that providing flexibility, fast changeovers and more varied bottle shapes is more essential for serving the needs of our customers. 

1 and 2-Stage PET Bottle Manufacturing Methods

In both the 1-stage and 2-stage methods, the bottle is formed by first dehumidifying and drying the PET materials (mainly PET-E plastic resin). These materials are then heated and injected into a preform mould that serves as the basis for most bottle designs and styles. This preform mould is then allowed to cool down to 120 degrees Celsius to enable safe handling. It’s then transferred to a bottle mould to begin the blowing process that stretches the preform mould into the finished shape of the bottle. 

The 2-stage method creates two steps out of the process above by using an entirely separate machine to blow the final bottle shape. By dividing the manufacturing process of PET bottles into two stages, Victor is able to increase the flexibility of its work processes. 

The process can be stopped at any time without the loss of material, and changeovers can be accomplished much quicker than with the 1-stage process. There are fewer restrictions on the bottle design too, and we can rapidly adjust to changes in job specifications. 

We can create a better product with superior wall distribution for round bottles that are more durable. We can also significantly increase the volume of production of these exceptional bottles at short notice. 

By separating the manufacturing process into two stages, the preform moulds can also be sold or stored before being blown. This gives the customer an extra measure of flexibility to manage their stock and the bottling process. 

Added Value for PET Bottle Manufacturing

By manufacturing PET bottles using the 2-stage method, Victor provides added value for customers that have a large variety of PET bottled products. The fast changeover means that we can create a greater number of shapes and sizes than the older 1-stage method so our customers enjoy a faster turnaround as well as a better product. 

If your brand has a large and varied range of PET bottled products, contact Victor Group in Thailand to see how we can improve your production processes and packaging. We control the end-to-end PET bottle manufacturing process to provide a more environmentally friendly and well-made product.  

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