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There is an old saying that "variety is the spice of life". This is particularly true for modern cosmetics manufacturers offering their customers a variety of products based on skin type, hair type, SPF, scent and many other variables. Brands wants to provide specialised products that cover a whole range of applications for every individual customer. It's part of offering quality service along with quality products. 

Limitations of the Past

It used to be that a PBL cosmetic tube manufacturer in Thailand had to print the labels for each product on separate substrates with adhesive attached, these were then attached to the customer’s packaging. This slowed down the entire production process, required the use of a separate material, and ended up adding to the packaging costs. Plus, these labels often peeled off during use resulting in a substandard product for consumers.  

The cosmetics manufacturers often had to limit the range of products they offered simply because the more products offered, the more they fragmented the market. Each product wouldn't sell enough units to justify the extra cost of label printing. So, cosmetics manufacturers could only offer a limited range of products which was frustrating to both them and their consumers.

New Development in Product Printing

Victor Group, a PBL cosmetic tube manufacturer in Thailand, was one of the first suppliers of PBL cosmetic tubes to allow cosmetic manufacturers to get creative with their products and packaging without incurring any extra costs.

They were able to do this by adopting a new printing technique that does away with any substrates or adhesive labels. These new digital printers print straight onto the flexible PBL tubing material. For Victor Group’s PBL cosmetic tube customers in Thailand and around the world, this allowed them to be more creative with their packaging designs, as well as offer their full product range to customers without incurring added costs. 

Product and Packaging Freedom

With the freedom this new digital printing technique offers, customers are not limited by any design or colour constraints. 

They can commission limited runs of product designs without causing a slowdown in production as all the designs are virtual until they’re printed. There is no manual masking, no silk-screening, and no re-sizing to be done.

Cosmetic manufacturers can modify their artwork as often as they want and produce products much more cost-effectively for niche and test markets. Seasonal packaging and limited editions can be produced as soon as the artwork is created and be on the retailer's shelves in time for the holidays.   

If you’re in the business of cosmetics, consider the freedom of choice that Victor Group’s Thailand PBL cosmetic tube packaging has provided for the industry. By taking advantage of this breakthrough, your customers will be the ultimate benefactors, and your brand will enjoy a greater and broader market share.  

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