Use a PBL Tube Manufacturer in Thailand

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Use a PBL Tube Manufacturer in Thailand

Thailand is turning away from agriculture as the main contributor to the country's GDP and focusing more on various technologies and manufacturing with the introduction of Thailand 4.0. 

Victor Group has risen to the challenges in their industry since the company was established in 1975. They have continued to refine their processes and their products as a PBL tube manufacturer in Thailand with over fifty years of experience and expertise.

They’ve invested in new technologies that create better products for their customers and the environment. And their research and design department continues to develop better and more efficient technologies that lessen the carbon footprint of their PBL tube manufacturing business in Thailand. 

The Thai government has recognized the need to focus on the future rather than simply maintaining the status quo. This is in line with the philosophy behind Victor Group’s push to achieve prominence in the technology and manufacturing sectors.

Good for the Economy and the Environment

Throughout this continuous refinement of their PBL tube manufacturing business in Thailand, Victor Group has been able to grow the business to encompass six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Thailand. 

Their PBL tube products now contain up to 40% recycled materials. And with their extensive production capabilities, they are able to offer more of their products to more customers around the world, as well as manufacturers using PBL tubes in the ASEAN region. 

With the effort to reduce the amount of material used, the new products have thinner walls but still maintain the same stability thanks to the improved design. The PBL tube manufacturing processes at Victor Group in Thailand have been retooled to consume just a fraction of the water and power used to create these products in the past.

Good for their Customers

Customers also benefit from their association with Victor Group. By supporting and using these environmentally friendlier products, they improve their corporate image in the eyes of the public. The focus on the environment is growing, and consumers want to buy and support these products to feel like they're making a contribution. 

Other manufacturers are having to step up the quality of their products as well. But few of them have the research and development experience to manufacture products that can compete in terms of quality with those produced by Victor Group.

Simply Better Products

The ongoing product refinement and improvement ethic at Victor Group has left the company well prepared to take their deserved place in the country's new economy under Thailand 4.0. They have proven that continuous product and process development yields benefits for both the manufacturer and the customer. Now they are ready to help build the economy of the nation as well. 

Become a customer of the most forward-thinking PBL tube manufacturers in Thailand and reap the benefits of their progressive attitude and work ethic. You'll be improving your own products, gaining an enhanced corporate image and more customers, and helping to save the environment.

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